Setting up a layered graphic to be used for making all your future snowglobes.

Open a new image 300 x 300 - Transparent background - 1.7 million colors.

Open the 'Layer Palette'

Add a new layer.

Name the layer "graphic".
This layer will be used for the pictures which go inside the snowglobe.
Add another 5 layers naming them as shown.
Activate the 'glass' layer.
Click on the 'Picture Tubes' tool
Find the 'snowglobe glass' tube that we made.
Set the cursor at 150 120 and apply 1 tube
Activate the 'base' layer.

Click the 'Tubes' tool and find the 'snowglobe base' tube.

Apply 1 tube

Click on the 'Mover' tool
and push the base snug with the bottom of the glass.

Activate the 'glass' layer

Click on the 'Magic Wand' tool and set up as shown.

Click outside the circle and then 'Invert' the selection.

We will next apply the snow to the snow layers.
This can be done by applying each flake separately and you can use stars or whatever instead of flakes.
The only thing to watch is that each snow layer is different.
For speed I will take a shortcut.
Click the 'Airbrush' tool
and set up as shown
Activate the 'snow1' layer and apply to the graphic slightly above center.
Activate the 'snow2' layer and apply about center.
Activate the 'snow3' layer and apply slightly below center

Because we had the globe selected no snow could get outside of it.
This graphic is now complete and ready to make snowglobes.
Save it as snowglobe-maker.psp

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