Using Animation Shop to make a snowglobe with our prepared graphic

Open the 'snowglobe-maker.psp' graphic.

Turn off the 'Layer Visibilty' on the snow layers for now.

Activate the 'graphic' layer

Copy the graphic you want to use in the snowglobe to this layer.
I have used a tube I made from a photo of a gingerbread house.

If the graphic has no background activate the background layer (Layer1), choose a color that you think will do and 'Floodfill' the background layer.
Activate the 'glass' layer.

With the 'Magic Wand' tool set at "0" feather click outside the globe.

Activate the background layer and hit 'Delete' on the keyboard.

Repeat with the 'graphic' layer.

'Select None'

Activate the 'base' layer.

Choose a color for the base.
I left it the same as the background.

Click the 'Retouch' tool
and set as shown

Color change the base by dragging the cursor over it.
Click on the Visibility of layer 'snow 1'

This next section may look complicated but it is just a matter of saving the graphic in three forms and transferring them into Animation Shop one at a time.
'Merge Visible'


'Undo' the 'Merge'    This leaves the graphic ready for the next step

Launch 'Animation Shop' (found in 'File' > 'Jasc Products' )
and 'Paste as a New Animation'
Go back to PSP and change the layer visibilies to show layer 'snow 2' and not 'snow 1'

'Merge Visible' - 'Copy' - 'Undo'

Go to Animation Shop and 'Paste after Current'

Go back to PSP and change to show the 'snow 3' layer and not the other 2 snow layers.
'Merge Visible' - 'Copy' - 'Undo'
Go to Animation Shop and 'Paste After Current'
The animation is now complete and can be viewed by clicking 'View Animation'
Save the Animation

After you have named the file you have to Optimize the graphics.
Because of the way the globe was made this is quite simple.
Set up the optimization according to the next screenshots.

Continue to click 'Next' until finished.
The graphic is now saved and can be used on a web page.
The snowglobe made here is on the Main SnowglobeTutorial page
There are obviously many variations that you can add to your own snowglobes.
Try varying the layer opacity on the glass layer for different graphics
Use the background graphic of your page on the background layer to make even the globe part appear transparent.
Look for interesting bases instead of the simple one here.

You can download the zip file of the 2 tubes and the snowglobe-maker.psp graphic here
but please try to make them with the tutorial first.