Making a simple base for a snow globe.

Open a new image Transparent Background 1.7 Million colors.

Click on the 'Preset Shapes' tool and set up as shown.

We could go to the trouble of making this shape from scratch but when PSP has already done it there is no point.

Draw a shape 100 wide x 50 high.
Watch the 'Status' bar to get the correct size.

'Zoom' in on the graphic.

Click on the 'Freehand' selection tool
and set up as shown.
Click around the top of the graphic following the edge as shown
Complete the selection including the whole top.
Then hit 'Delete' on your keyboard to get rid of the top part.
'Select None'
'Paste as a New Image'
'Export as a Picture Tube'
You now have a simple base to use over and over.
Because it is colored it can easily be changed to any color using 'Colorize' found in 'Colors'

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