Making the glass globe for a snow globe.

Open a new image about 300 x 300 Transparent Background 1.7 Million colors.

On the 'Color Palette' set the foreground to Black and turn off the background.

With the 'Preset Shapes' tool set as shown draw a circle 200 x 200 pixels.

Watch the 'Status' bar at the bottom to get the size correct
With the 'Magic Wand' tool set up as shown click inside the circle.
We will keep this selection active until we are satisfied with all the shading.
Set the 'Cutout' tool
( found in 'Effects' > '3D Effects' ) as shown.
Add a 'New Raster Layer'
found in 'Layers'

Whenever using the 'Cutout' tool you must work on a new layer to prevent it wiping out what you have already done.

Reset the 'Cutout' tool as shown for this new layer
'Merge Visible'
found in 'Layers' > 'Merge'

Then 'Add a New Raster Layer'.

Reset the 'Cutout' tool again as shown.
Note I changed the 'Shadow Color' to white to add a little back light at the top of the globe.
'Merge Visible' again.
The shading is now complete so 'Invert' the selection
( found in 'Selections' )
Hit 'Delete' on your keyboard to get rid of the original circle we drew and then 'Select None'
( found in 'Selections' )

'Add a New Raster Layer'.

Click the 'Geometrical Selection' tool
and set up as shown

Draw a small ellipse.

On the 'Color Palette' change the foreground color to white.
Floodfill the ellipse.

Click the 'Deformation' tool

Rotate, adjust size and move the ellipse to the correct position with this tool.
'Merge Visible' and copy the graphic to the clip board
( found in 'Edit' )

'Paste as a New Image'
( found in 'Edit' > 'Paste' )

This gets rid of any transparent background not being used.

Export the new image as a 'Picture Tube'

( found in 'File' > 'Export' )

Now that the graphic is in Tubes you can easily use it over and over.

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