This wedding photograph was taken in the early 30's when the only choice of film was black and white 'Ortho' film. For those too young to remember Ortho film was the type used in Charlie Chaplin silent movies and the quality of the picture lacked the subtlety of shades common in black and white film after about 1950. Even so it is possible to get a reasonable picture by adjusting light and contrast until it looks somewhat realistic.

Because of the fold line the bride's nose was going to need some major repainting so I copied the nose from her mother ( standing behind the bride and groom ), adjusted size and shade while still in black and white, and pasted the result onto the bride.
The sky was not worth saving so I blanked it out with a light grey blue.

On the original it is hard to tell whether the groom is standing or sitting but on lightening the picture I found that he is sitting with a bowler hat on his knee.
To show this I masked out the groom's suit and lightened only that part of the picture.
After that it was just a matter of getting rid of scratches and coloring to my best guess of what people might wear in the thirties.

I'll be the first to admit that the results are far from perfect but at least I got an idea of what my parents' wedding looked like.

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