The Retouch Tool
We will be using this tool almost exclusively for this Tutorial so I will explain what a couple of the adjustments mean.
First on the "Tool Options" panel set the cursor options as shown.
You need to be able to see where your brush is exactly to do this type of work.
Mine stays on this setting all the time anyway.
You will also need to have the "Tool Options" panel on the screen at all times.
Shape I will be using the round shape but it is good to remember others are available for different circumstances
Size The size of your brush will need to be altered often.
Hardness This refers to the density or feathering of the outside edge of the brush.
Opacity This controls the amount of effect the brush stroke will have. Basically '0' Opacity turns the brush off
Step When you drag the brush this controls the number of times it activates. In other words if you set it at 100 and drag 'Smudge' across the graphic it will only smudge in spots.
For fine work I always keep this at '1'
Density This is NOT the same as 'Opacity' but used in conjuction gives a great amount of control
As the 'Density' is reduced it takes away pixels from the brush so that dragging the brush gives a streaked effect.
In this tutorial you will be using combinations of Opacity, Density and Hardness to get the desired effects.



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