Getting the most out of your hard work

This is the part where you save lots of time.

If we imagine that the graphic was something special and we want to use it for someone elses birthday it is a very simple matter to change the name.
Simply double click the text layer.
It is very easy to find because the beginning of the text shows in the layer palette

The original text entry palette opens up and we can change the text.
If we wish we can also change font, color, and anything else available on the text palette.

Now let us add another animal.
Since our first is bambi why not add thumper.
With the mover tool move Bambi over a bit.

This activates the animal layer.
Now add a layer called "rabbit". It will be inserted immediately above the active layer.
Find a nice rabbit tube and add the rabbit.

You will notice that the rabbit is behind the long grass because of the way we placed the layer.
If we now decided to move it forward we could drag its layer up to a new higher position in the "Layers" palette.

So far we have changed the vector text layer, Changed the animal layer and added a layer to this picture.

By now you will have realized that everything in the graphic can be easily changed but before we go let us fill the graphic with color.
This whole time our background layer has been white and you may have wondered why it was there at all.
The simple reason is that had we wanted to change the "ground" layer it would have been more difficult if it was on white rather than transparent.
Let us put a sky behind the graphic.
Activate the background layer and fill with a gradient of white to blue. (The sky is always lighter at the horizon than overhead )

Now activate the text layer and click off its visibility (we don't need the text for what I am going to do )
Add a layer called cherry blossoms and use the "cherry blossom" tube to fill around the image.

You can now save the new image as a jpeg with a different name but don't forget to save it as a PSP image first.

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