Painting a Landscape
Adding a mountain range

"Layers" - "New Raster Layer". Call the layer 'Mountains'

With the pen tool (pencil in PSP 7 )set up for :
Freehand line
width = 1
Tracking = 3
Antialias checked
Create on Vector Not checked
Simply draw the top of a mountain range from edge to edge of the canvas.
Note: Make sure the line meets both sides of the canvas.

These will be distant mountains so we need to choose a colour with some blue in it.
I chose #5a98c7

Now, with the "Magic wand" set to "Antialias", click anywhere below the line and fill with the colour you chose.

"Selections" - "Invert"
Press delete to get rid of your original line.

Now we can put a little snow on the mountains just to give them a little interest.

Set up your paint brush like this.

Choose an off white colour. I chose #aec3d4.
Paint on some snow.
We are presuming the light is coming from the left which is why I used the slanted brush.

Change your brush to a smaller size - hardness 100% and change the colour to White

Carefully paint in a little snow on the peaks and follow the natural fissures that seem to appear.
This is your painting so just follow your instinct adding snow where you think it looks right.

Since this is the background of the painting a lot of it may be covered but while we are here we can add a little mist for the foothills.
"Layers" - "New Raster Layer". Call the layer 'Mist

Set up your paint brush like this - Colour White.

Paint in some mist where it might actually lie

"Effects" - "Textured Effects" - "Fur"
"Blur" - "Motion Blur"
Leave as before

Adjust the opacity of the Mist layer in the layers palette to about 58 or where it seams right to you.

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