<TAGS> open </TAGS> closed
Most tags come in pairs.
The open tag turns on a function
and the close tag turns it off. (Didn't realize it was that easy)
Tags we have used:
<HTML></HTML> opens and closes the complete page.
<HEAD></HEAD> This is the first part of the page and is used for hidden things.
<TITLE></TITLE> is one of the tags used in the <HEAD> tag
<BODY></BODY> All normal page content will go between the BODY tags
variables are used within the tag itself.
variables we have used in the BODY tag so far.
bgcolor="" Background Color
text="#" Text Color
link="#" Link Color
vlink="#" Visited Link Color
alink="#" Active Link Color
background="" Background graphic
<CENTER></CENTER> To center content on the page
<FONT></FONT> Used with variables for Color, Size, Face, etc.
<B></B> Makes a font Bold (A list of font tags below)
<BR> New line <P> Paragraph (a larger space than BR)
These are usually used without corresponding closing tags.
<IMG > One of the few tags which has no closing tag variables we have used in the IMAGE TAG src="" the name of the graphic
WIDTH="", HEIGHT="" Sizes of the graphic
BORDER="" puts a border a specified number of pixels wide around the graphic
ALT="" The name which shows when a mouse is passed over the graphic
<A></A> This is used to enclose a link. Everything between the tags will become a link.
We used it with the variable HREF="" and another page name entered between the parentheses  

Playing around with Fonts
First of all if you are not too fussy about color there are 16 colors which you can use by name instead of the 6 digit number.
<FONT COLOR="RED"> is the same as <FONT COLOR="#FF0000">
Here are the colors
Name Number Name Number Name Number Name Number
Aqua #00FFFF Black #000000 Blue #0000FF Fuchsia #FF00FF
Gray #808080 Green #008000 Lime #00FF00 Maroon #800000
Navy #000080 Olive #808000 Purple #800080 Red #FF0000
Silver #C0C0C0 Teal #008080 White #FFFFFF Yellow #FFFF00

Here are some other tags you can use with text.
All of these tags can be found on the Styles Toolbar in Arachnophilia
Best just to show you what they do.
How it looks What you type
Making print Bold Making print <B>Bold</B>
Italics and Underline <I>Italics</I> and <U>Underline</U>
Strike out Text Strike out <S>Text</S>
You can also have SubScript You can also have <SUB>SubScript</SUB>
and SuperScript and <SUP>SuperScript</SUP>

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