Drawing a heart shape
The Blue links give detailed instructions for each procedure in both PSP7 and PSP9

Using the preset shapes tool choose the ellipse shape set to Anti-alias and Create on Vector.

Draw a circle
and start "Node Edit"
Don't forget to "Convert to Path" in PSP9

Drag the top node downwards
and change the node type of the top and bottom nodes to "Cusp"
Bend the handles to form a point
Drag the side nodes up a little
Bend the handles of the bottom node to form a point

To make a realistic fill color
Double click the graphic layer.

Click the "Stroke" off and the "Fill" on

Change the fill to Gradient - Foreground/Background
Set the foreground color to pale red and the background to red and set up as shown.
Don't forget to drag the center up to the left.

The shape came out a little wide so drag one side handle in a little