Drawing a face using vectors
Adding features

Draw another ellipse as shown but this time change background and foreground to black
Name the layer "Nose"
Now draw 2 circles for the eyes
In PSP9 you can change from ellipse to circle or just make it round by matching height and width.
Name each layer as you do it to make things easier later on.
You will notice that the eyes are in front of the muzzle layer.
This is easily corrected.
In the "Layer" palette drag the eye layers down below the muzzle layer.
Now we can add the lines for the lip mouth and eyebrows.
This is done with the pen tool ( Pencil in PSP7 )
Line thickness 2 - Bezier Curve - Create as Vector
"Join Segments" unchecked in PSP9
We now have a completed image.

Everything is a vector so you can save this as a PSP image and come back to it anytime and change what you want.

If you right click on any layer in the "Layers" palette and choose "Properties" you can change the colors, line thicknesses, antialias etc.

Here I went through and changed Antialias to "on" for a smoother look.

All shapes can be changed by moving the node handles
Just in case you wanted a pensive pooch