Drawing a face using vectors

Open a new graphic 400 x 400 transparent background and draw an ellipse using the ellipse in preset shapes set on
"Create on Vector"
Line width "1"
Antialias off.
A note here:
I am drawing this to be able to be used as a transparent gif - thus Antialias off - but everything can be changed after we are finished if we decide to turn Antialias on.
Nothing is set in stone in Vectors.
It doesn't matter what foreground or background color you use as long as they contrast but I already knew I wanted a "Sunburst" type gradient so that is what I am using.
It can all be changed at the end.
In the "layers" palette right click on the ellipse you just created and rename it "Head"
Now draw another ellipse a bit lower down.
It will appear on top of the head and will be on it's own layer
Rename it "Muzzle"
Right click on the "Muzzle" ellipse and "Convert to path"
This is so that we can pull the shape around a bit.
Start node edit
and pull the top node up as shown.
Change the side nodes type to "Asymmetric" and pull the top handles up.
Draw another ellipse for the left ear.
Rename it's layer to "ear",
Convert to path
Drag the top node towards the center of the graphic.
Drag the bottom node towards the outside
Drag the handles of the outside node longer
( move top handle upwards )
Swing the handles of the inside node around a little as shown
Add another ellipse for the right ear and manipulate in the same way.
It doesn't matter if it is not exact.
Dog ears are seldom the same.
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