Drawing an egg shape
The Blue links give detailed instructions for each procedure in both PSP7 and PSP9

We first use the ellipse tool from the preset shapes to draw an oval.
( set to Antialias and Create on Vector )
Then Start "Node Edit"
Don't forget to "Convert to Path" in PSP9
Once the nodes are showing
Drag the bottom node upwards
Then drag the top node upwards
and you have the egg shape
To make a realistic fill color
Double click the graphic layer.
Click the "Stroke" off and the "Fill" on
Change the fill to Gradient - Foreground/Background
Set the foreground color to white and the background to grey and set up as shown.
Don't forget to drag the center up to the left.

This is a simple shape but very difficult to make without vectors
If you are making the shape for use as a tube or other Raster object change the layer to a raster layer.