Adding a second page and linking to it.

Open a new page as we did in Tutorial #1, give it a name and put something on it.
I have just put a heading here.
Save the page as 'page2.html'.

<html xmins=">
   <head >          
      <title >
         Page 2
      </title >
      <meta name="GENERATOR"content="Arachnophilia 5.5">
      <meta name="FORMATTER"content="Arachnophilia 5.5">

   </head >
   <body bgcolor="#ffffff"text="#000000"link="#0000ff"vlink="#800080"alink="#ff0000">

       <div align="center"><H1 >My Second Page </H1 ></div >

   </body >

</html >

You will notice that you now have both pages loaded so click the index page tab.

Position your cursor after the closing applet tag and click the 'br' on the toolbar or type in <br>
This puts in a line break.

   <body  bgcolor="#ffffff"  text="#000000"  link="#0000ff"  vlink="#800080"  alink="#ff0000"  >

       <div align="center">

       <H1 >

      My Page

      </H1 >

      <applet code="lake"width="300"height="400">

      <param name="image"value="myhome.jpg">

      </applet >
      <br> Add line break here
      </div >

   </body >

Now click 'Bold' on the toolbar and type in the link text.

      </applet >
      <b>Next Page</b>
      </div >

Highlight the link text and click on Secondary Toolbars - Links - NewHTML

Browse to the file you wish to link to 'page2.html' and open.

      </applet >
      <b> <a href="page2.html"> Next Page </a> </b>
      </div >

This inserts the complete code making what you have highlited a link.
You use exactly the same method to make a graphic into a link.

We have one thing left to do because we changed the background of the page to dark green.
In the body tag change the text, link, vlink and alink as shown so that they show against the dark background.

   <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#ffffff"link="#ffff66" vlink="#66ff99" alink="#66ff99">

Save the page and preview.

The link should take you to your second page.

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