Adding a background graphic

One of the things Arachnophilia's creator forgot was a macro to add a background graphic
but since he made it so easy to add your own I will now show you how.

Open the the 'Graphics/Misc' folder in the macros and then right click on the folder itself and choose 'New' from the menu.

Fill it in like this

The actual code is this :

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Press 'Accept' and you will see a new macro called Background.

Have a look in the Systems Commands at everything that is available.

Macros - Tools - List System Commands

To give your page a background position your cursor at the end of the body file just before the >
Click the 'Background' macro and browse to the graphic (mybackground.jpg)

Your body tag should now look like this.

   <body  bgcolor="#ffffff"  text="#000000"  link="#0000ff"  vlink="#800080"  alink="#ff0000"  background="mybackground.jpg"  >

You will notice that no sizes are given when entering a background graphic.
It doesn't matter what size the graphic is it will repeat across and down filling the page.

Preview the page

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