Alter a Font letter.

You can alter any vector graphic to suit your own needs.
In this tutorial we are presuming that we need a letter A to use in a logo but cannot find exactly what we want in the fonts we have.
We find the closest thing and alter it to our need.

I chose A from the font Black Chancery. ( Size="72" Create as "Vector" )

The first thing to do is convert the text to curves and then start Node Edit.

Drag the top node upwards and pull its right handle down and in to smooth out the curve
At the bottom there are a couple of nodes we are not going to need.
Right click on the node and choose "Edit" > "Merge" to delete them

Now change the bottom node to "Symmetric" and then change it again to "Cusp" so that the handles are visible and pull it downward.

Bend the handles back to form a point and smooth out the shape.

In this tutorial we basically only changed 2 points in the graphic and smoothed out the resulting curves.
When changing a font letter less is usually better and often (as here ) you will find extra nodes that actually get in the way . Deleting them before you start extending a line will help keep the curve even.